Month: April 2014

Maine driftwood coffee table

Although my showroom is not the fanciest of buildings, I always encourage my customers to visit me when they are able. I do my best to photograph my work, so that people have a good representation of the actual pieces,

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Englewood sandblasted dining table

In an earlier post entitled Gulf Coast deliveries I mentioned a sandblasted dining table we delivered to Chip & Liz in Englewood. We brought the table & he had a local glass company deliver the 60″ round glass. We recently

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Susan & Chuck’s sandblasted coffee table

Susan & Chuck have been good friends for many, many years. Susan was actually a bridesmaid in our wedding & we introduced her to Chuck a few years later. They lived in New Smyrna Beach & we would stay with

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Octagonal driftwood dining table

Jean had recently purchased a home on a barrier island off Florida’s east coast & was in the process of decorating it. She wanted the home to have a very comfortable but attractive “beachy” look. The home’s previous owners had

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