A driftwood coffee table for a home in Hawaii


In March of this past year, I was contacted by Jan who had seen one of my previous driftwood coffee tables online & wanted something similar for a home that she & her husband Bob was building in Kihei on the island of Maui in Hawaii. This one was somewhat different in that the root system was facing outward in the same manner I create my driftwood foyer & dining tables.driftwood coffee table                                               After the initial sandblasting

driftwood & glass coffee                                                      The beginning stages of sun bleaching

The home was finally completed this past fall & I shipped her the base with the plan for her to purchase the glass on the island.  Well, we found out that glass out there was extremely expensive so I shipped her the appropriate size at a more reasonable price. Jan had hoped it would arrive before a big dinner party that weekend & it did.driftwood & glass coffee table

driftwood & glass coffee table


driftwood & glass coffee table

From their home they have a view of the ocean & the mountainsIMG_4309.JPG                              Now that the home is completed they plan to spend 6 months on the island & 6 months in Virginia BeachIMG_4308.JPG                                                        “Love my table!! It is the focal point of the great room & totally completes the “look” I wanted”


Now if Nikki & I could have only figured how to make that delivery ourselves (we would probably still be there).

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