A driftwood dining table for the Bahamas

Driftwood & glass dining tableLast year I was contacted by Gia to create a large race track oval dining table for their new vacation home in the Bahamas. I completed it & held it in my store until her home was constructed & which also gave her the chance to see it when she & her husband dropped in when they were in Orlando.driftwood & glass dining tableAs with most of my dining tables there is the root sidedriftwood & glass dining tableand the trunk side.Driftwood & glass dining tableThe plan was for me to ship it to Miami & then it would go by ship to Nassau, but when I mentioned that I also had to ship a number of pieces to another customer who was building a home in Albany, Bahamas we realized that she knew them. That other customer was a well known PGA golfer who was going to be responsible for crating & shipping their own things & was willing to ship Gia’s table as well. My only job was to delivery all of the pieces to their home in Orlando which I did & got the chance to meet a former U S Open winner.Driftwood & glass dining table

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  1. Cindy Carlson says:

    Hi, love your work,but was wondering if you could make a small coffee table with hait pin legs and a tree trunk type top.I am looking for a simple kind of jagged piece with or without rings.Thank You—

  2. Cindy Carlson says:

    Hair pin legs!!!

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