A driftwood foyer table in the Middle East

driftwood & glass foyer tableOne of the wonders of having an online presence is that customers from all over the world can find my work. Such was the case with Hana who lives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) & wanted to know if I could create a driftwood foyer table similar to one she had located on the internet. Rather than having the silver sun bleached color, she decided that she preferred more of a white painted patina. Once I selected the right driftwood base & added the necessary support limbs, I sent her an image & she agreed to apply herself the particular shade of white that she had in mind.driftwood & glass foyer tableIn addition, we decided it was more economical for her to secure the glass locally. So I built a crate & a week or so later, it was delivered to her home.image2


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3 comments on “A driftwood foyer table in the Middle East
  1. Love it, looks great! Amazing that it’s so far away. I wonder if you’ll get more orders form out that way via word of mouth.

  2. nikkiupat says:

    Stunning…. Though I was not fond of anyone “painting” your naturally beautiful creation!!

  3. Sharyn says:

    Your beautiful art is spreading around the world.

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