A driftwood table & the different color possibilities

A driftwood table & the different color possibilities

Although most people recognize driftwood as being  silver gray in color due to the lengthy time being exposed to the sun & salt air, not everyone’s decor allows for that color scheme.

My finished inventory of driftwood tables consists almost entirely of the lighter finish because it is my most popular & also takes the longest to obtain.

However, in leading up to that white or silver color, the driftwood goes through a variety of tones due to the bleaching process that I employ.

The following series of images display the possibilities of a particular shade that may better suit your decor. 
The color change in each set of pictures may seem subtle as I proceed slowly with the length of time a piece is submersed & the strength of chemicals used.

The small white spots found on the bases are the patches that hide the bolts used to secure the different support limbs. Their final color will match the finished table.

#1  Raw sandblasted










Bear in mind that these images are only examples & can’t be exactly matched. Even though the driftwood is all Florida red cedar, there are color nuances in each piece & can be affected differently by the bleaching process.

Other examples can be found here. https://driftwooddecor.wpengine.com/driftwood-glass-top-tables/

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