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Twin driftwood coffee tables

Paul contacted me through Custommade to see if I could create a pair of kidney shaped driftwood & glass coffee tables. He wanted them to mirror each other to go in front of a set of couches that were on

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Palm Island driftwood & glass dining table

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A driftwood table & the different color possibilities

A driftwood table & the different color possibilities Although most people recognize driftwood as being  silver gray in color due to the lengthy time being exposed to the sun & salt air, not everyone’s decor allows for that color scheme.

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2017-A year in review

Every year usually has it’s fill of highs & lows with 2017 being no different except this one had some events that won’t be soon forgotten. Over shadowing everything was the entrance into this world of our first grandchild-Ellie Rose.

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A driftwood coffee table of a different color

driftwood & glass coffee table

Cathy had contacted me about creating for her a driftwood coffee table along the lines of one she had seen in a Coastal Living magazine. She didn’t want the sun bleached finish that is my most popular but a more

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