The bleaching field

When driftwood comes to mind, it’s almost always the silver gray appearance of a piece of wood that’s been lying on a deserted beach for years that people think of.  Although wood can be whitewashed, painted or artificially altered, the only way to get that authentic driftwood look is to let the sun & the elements do its thing. DSC_0152Once I have structurally completed a piece & sandblast it I place it in the sun for months rotating it for total exposure  until it is completely weathered. The length of time it takes depends on the time of year, the summer taking the least amount of time.  DSC_0153DSC_0164Initially I let them weather offsite where I have more open space than my shop. Once they’re close I bring them back until they’re finally ready to be displayed.DSC_0168DSC_0165It can be frustrating to tell my customers that it may be months before the table they asked me to create for them will be available but I believe the final appearance is far superior & natural than any other method & well worth the wait.

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