More driftwood center pieces

driftwood center pieces

As mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve started putting together a collection of very nice completely weathered driftwood pieces to be used in special events but especially for weddings. This will be wood that I’ll rent to wedding coordinators, florists & brides to be for a unique look for that special day.

Recently I was contacted by Michelle Lewis, owner & lead designer of Bluegrass Chic, a local wedding and special event florist. These are images sent to me by Michelle & I was told the table arrangements were a big hit. For more info on Michelle’s talents check out or contact her at bluegrasschicweddings@aol.com4





In the near future I hope to add a link to my site giving more details on pricing, wood sizes, rental policies, etc.

3 comments on “More driftwood center pieces
  1. Beautiful tables. Good idea including a link.

  2. Joanne Hurwitz says:

    What a wonderful idea, especially, for beach lovers.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to rent your beautiful pieces. Our bride was so happy how this all came together. I look forward to collaborating again soon!

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